Monday, July 2, 2007

just another day...

for those in the know, i am now at our store everyday, because now it's OURS. our bills, our merchandise, our building, our headaches. yes, i know i am supposed to be taking it easy, but life right now isn't easy, and some things are just the way they are. i do rest. really, i do. but i haven't been at the pool with the other girls in a couple of weeks now. my tan is gone. i need to get back out there, though, as walking in the pool is great exercise, and i do need that...but then again, like i tell rae, i need LOTS of things. maybe now that we have gotten the store cleaned up and organized, i'll be able to get out there more. we'll see.
latest news on the pregnancy front is that i am 7 1/2 months now, and my belly is really showing it. last week i went for a glucose screening, and they found that not only am i pretty iron defecient, which is bad for my recovery of the c-section and delivery in general, i am also going to have to deal with gestational diabetes. i spent about 5 hours at the hospital learning that i need to eat more, what to eat, when to eat, blah blah blah, as well as learning how to check my blood sugar with that little pricker machine. just to show me that it didn't hurt, jon has stuck himself 3 times. he was right. i start first thing in the mornings and do the whole stick test 4 times a day until delivery. as long as the eating plan works, i won't have to take insulin shots, but as difficult as this pregnancy has been so far i am trying to reason that it will be a possibility. so far the sugar levels have been really good, so maybe everything will work out. the worst part of the session at the hospital was learning that the doctors will be checking the baby's sugar alot once he is born, and also that he will quite possibly be hooked to an IV. i don't want that for him. he's already had to deal with so much.
this friday dr. weston is supposed to take a good look at him and set up a scheduled delivery date. now that the diabetes factor has been thrown in, i guess we'll have to be prepared for that date to change, especially if he starts getting too big or there is too much amniotic fluid, or worse, i get pre-eclampsia. hopefully none of that will happen. keep your fingers crossed.
on a lighter note, our first baby shower was saturday in harrisonburg. jon's sister and mom threw it, and it was really nice. alot of people came, many i didn't ven know. then this weekend is the country club member guest weekend, and jon's folks will be here. the next weekend is another shower - one thrown by my family in peterstown. then the next weekend is another shower, thrown by my best girls and sister. a baby shower with a keg. it may be the first one in history. lots of friends from out of town have let us know that they are coming...which is very touching. some have over a 5 hours drive to get here. and my cousin, if they make it, will be here all the way from upstate new york. it's really hard to believe.
after that weekend, i guess i'll probably be too fat and hot to do much of anything else. maybe just lounge by the pool in my shamu suit and listen to bob marley over and over, getting a tan and taking it easy. redemption songs.
jon has been really helpful still with everything...from making his own food, to helping out alot at the store, to washing the laundry...even giving me more of the bed. i really have been blessed with a great husband. i probably don't deserve him. or my friends for that matter. rikki with her constant checkups and food, nicole with helping out at the store/office, and other nameless friends who offer so much encouragement when i know how hard and scary life is for them right now. (one, in particular, i am glad to report is getting a good report of her own) so i should be happy. pricking myself should just be a means to an end - it isn't forever and i shouldn't be so stressed about it. besides, feeling the little man squirm around in there is already worth it. i can tolerate most anything for 2 more months...
we've come so far already.
thanks friends.