Monday, June 30, 2008

I Miss You Daddy...

Here's a little message from Sev. He's said Daddy at least three times today, not Dada... Daddy. (he was talking towards Couchette, so maybe he was talking to her about you...)

Not much excitement here today, but he sure looks cute in these pictures.

We love you...4 more days....What do you mean, Mommy, four more days? I can't take it anymore...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Boy in the Hizzouse...

Hi Kit. Just thought I would share the boy with you a little. Here's a shot of him with Dad yesterday at the reunion...doesn't he look gigantic? Not like a baby at all. Hmphh.

And today, here he is in the Vino Bambino Tee shirt Nicole and Adam gave him that we thought he'd never grow into.

And lastly, here he is being angry at me for waiting to feed him...but I wanted you to be able to see that big front tooth!

We miss you...only 5 more days.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lil' Hot Rod...

Since we've been bunking at Mommaw and Poppy's, Sev has just gotten tall enough for the souped up walker Mommaw bought him several months ago. What started out a couple of days ago as awkward backwards scootin has developed into this...

and now he's even faster.
Still missing you, Kit, but it's almost over.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh really? That's great.

Today has sucked. Well, mostly. But life is like that sometimes. Why did it suck Susan? you ask? Well, upon return from picking Seven up from Moms, I noticed that there are wet spot on our kitchen ceiling. Shizzzzat. The drainpipe is leaking and now we are going to have to cut into the ceiling, find out the problem, and fix it. Shizzat. Jon is out of town. Double shiz.

Next reason? The cake i was making for Peggy's birthday sunk. Sunk Sunk. And the icing was a little clumpy. And, while I was making it Seven learned to do a if I didn't have a list of hazards four miles long in the house anyway, now he is climbing the stairs. I caught him when he was on the FOURTH st. Fourth.. Here he is, doing it least he's at the bottom....

Now my head is throbbing, he kitchen is still a freaking mess, I want to go to bed but there is too much to do, and I can't even use my own bathroom upstairs.

Enough whining. Here are a couple of pics from tonight for you. At least THAT was nice.

Miss you, Kit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Blueberry Thief...

So, with Seven finally getting his first teeth, he's not been in the happiest of moods. What to do? Take him outside, as he loves it there, you know. I took a strainer up to the garden as we have oodles of blueberries growing (yeah!) and I thought I'd pick some and bring them back to maybe make blueberry muffins or icecream (doesn't that sound good? yep, I thought so, too.) Well, I sat Seven in the grass where he entertained himself happily and I picked berries. Then, for whatever reason, I got distracted and started looking at the tomatoes and zucchini.(Yes, I am easil distracted by produce and enter my own little world.) So what do I see upon the realization that I was supposed to be picking blueberries? Well, see for yourself...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hi Ya, Kit....

We miss you. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. We won't run around all over creation so that you can find us...we'll just be here baking for the Cafe.

Here's a look at pretty boy drinking his milk today at the pool. He misses you, I think. I know I do.

Love you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our First Golf Day!

This morning we all got up and went over to the golf course to watch Jon do his thing. As we waited for the foursome ahead of us to move on, we had time to take some fun pictures. Seven was a real trooper, never once fussing...and then, as we searched for a lost ball on hole 8, without even noticing, he fell asleep in my lap. So I loaded him into the car on Hole 9, and now, while he sleep, Jon continues his game....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Too Much Fun for One Day!

No kidding. We have packed it in today, that's for sure. Jon left early to go play golf, so when he left, so did go to the Festival in the Park. It was nice this year, I thought, though the same ol', same 'ol. I bought a couple of things - an apron, for one, and a Hokie basket...and a loaf of sourdough. Whew - big spender. We met up with Leslie and Julie and their girls Lainy and Rain after we had our picture taken with the pony. I took this picture of Seven making a mean face so that you can see the teeth that are thinking about sprouting!

After the festival, we came home for a nap. Then we took some goodies up to Alma and Dave's new house, got the tour, and then followed that with a trip to the pool!

Sev and Jon played quite a while in the grown up pool - no one else was there at all - and Seven got to "slide" off the sliding board (which he loved) and swim, and, for the first time EVER - he went under and we have it here for you to witness. Thank God he likes the water...we were poised and ready for a fit....

So, that was OUR was yours?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mister Personality

Seven is full of himself lately. Usually, we can't get him to do a thing on camera. Tonight was a little different. Here he is, doing what he does best...

Next week will be sad for us starting on Monday, as Jon is headed out of town to work for a couple of weeks, not even getting to come home on the weekend. We'll survive, and may even go to stay with him for a couple of days, but that will be hard in and of itself. Finding a place for the dogs (poor sweet Brit), taking his Pack & Play, blah blah blah - more trouble than it is worth. Plus, I need to be able to bake for the Cafe when they need something, so we'll see. I feel like I never leave the kitchen, and I almost never do. For example, i was up until 2:30 making a very particular dough...and ice cream. Today I made tortellini from scratch, and right now in front of me, a rack of fettucini is drying. Who am I? You should see that tortellini though - I never really thought about it before, as in, how it is made...and while time consuming, it really makes you feel productive. Neat tutorial for you over on my other blog if you get ambitious, as well as step by step pics.

Well, that's all for now. Please don't beat yourself with a book.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pool Time - Not so much IN the pool....

Crazy, I know. Just as soon as we showed up at the pool yesterday - seriously as I was putting Sev in his float, it thundered. And then again. And again. No rain, no lightning whatsoever. So we stayed there and talked to Rikki, Leslie, Lainy, Julie and Rain. All of the baby girls slept the afternoon away...but Sev wanted to fight the urge to nap.

Well, here is a look at our day at the pool - not IN the pool. (Poor little Lainy kinda looks like she may have drunk the Kool-Aid, no? Jonestown revisted... :) )

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're Baaaaaccckk....

Yep, that's right. We made it back from the Outer Banks safe and sound. Too bad it is so much warmer (haahhhter) here than there. Oh well. The heat encouraged the 3 of us to head over to the Country Club and join our friends at the pool today, so that was nice. Tomorrow I may take Seven over there if I can get all of my baking done...but there's a lot of it to do, so we'll see.

Anyway, here's a nice shot of Sev and Jon from our beach trip - I thought it was so sweet...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fishing and Swimming and Playing, Oh My!

Today started out with a morning trip to the Avon Pier for some fishing, or more like it, sleeping in the breeze. Sev fell asleep promptly upon arrival, and woke up just in time for us to leave. We shopped a little at Kitty Hawk Kites, then came back to the house for some pool time, which was, of course, followed by another nap. Playtime ensued after a nice lunch, and cousins Clay and Nate shared their new trucks and shovels with the little man before, alas, another nap came on.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Day at the Beach....

Though sleepy, Seven manganed to have a good time playing in the sand during his first morning at the beach. After a couple of hours, it was time to head back to the house, where we jumped and splashed in the pool before taking a nice 3 hour nap.

Life is good here in Avon, and it's nice to have so many friends and family here. I think tonight will be a date night for Mommy and Daddy, as Seven is going to hang out ith the grandparents while we go out to eat with Nicole and Adam.

here are a few pictures from this morning to "tide" (haha) you over until next time...including one of Jon surf fishing.