Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best of Friends

Seven and Tipit are really best buddies. Take yesterday, for example. Seven first threw a football at Tipit's head, laughed, and Tipit just laid there. So then he threw a book at him. He laughed, Tipit just laid there. Finally, he threw an airplane at him. A big one. He laughed, and Tipit just laid there. Of course, Jon and I were fussing at him the whole time, but we may as well go stand on the front porch and tell the weather to will do as much good.

So anyway, we tell him to tell Tippy he's sorry. He proceeds to lay down in the floor with Tip and hug him, kiss him, hold him. This is what you see pictures of. Later that night, as I am washing dishes, I hear a livingroom full of giggles. Sev is in his highchair, eating yogurt from the container like a big boy with his big boy spoon. The giggling comes in when after taking a bite, he dips back into the container and feeds Tippy off the same spoon. And then Sev takes a bite, then Tip. I should have stopped it, I know, but well, he'd already done it and it really was cute.

Call CPS on me if you must. I choose my battles these days.