Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breakfast Takes a New Turn...

Oh, just watch for yourself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hostage Crisis in the Hundred Acre Wood

Today was so nice out, so after lunch at Moms,we took Seven for a stroll around the neighborhood in his wagon. (A big Yay to Jon for finding the wagon over a hill, abandoned, and FREE. Best deal ever.) He loves it, and sits up like a little man and just takes it all in. Along for the ride were Winnie the Pooh (Sev evens calls him Pooh, which I think is too sweet) and of course, his knife. Can't leave home without the knife, you know, 'cause you never know when you might have to teach somebody a lesson. Lots of gangstas in Pearisburg these it's good to be protected.

Poor Pooh didn't know what hit him. One minute, all is well and he's being cooed upon and hugged and licked. The next - Bam - we have a hostage situation. This picture says it all, I think... "Keep this wagon moving or the bear gets it."

Yeah...We kept moving.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drumroll, Please...

Here's a glimpse of life in the Whetzel kitchen. While Mommy bakes, Seven gears up for a career on the road.

We miss you, Kit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Day Field Trip...The Cascades

As I sit here typing, Blogger Friends, I cannot lie.


I am out of shape, and God, do my inner thighs know it. I know exactly why I gave up physical activity...umm, it's called pain. It's going to take me a week to get over this Field Trip.

Jon decided (and rightly so, it was a great day and the leaves are gorgeous) that we should take Seven hiking to the Cascades yesterday, a local waterfall. It's steep, people! The hike up is 90% uphill. It's along the creek, and the views around every corner are so nice, but - huff, huff, huff - geez. Again, old and fat.

Jon carried Seven in the ever-so-manly infant carrier. He was so cute! With only 1/4 mile to go, he finally gave up and fell asleep. So sadly, he missed his first ever waterfall. The two-ish mile hike out was easier than the two mile hike up. Thank the Lord. I think somehow, someway, they are making that waterfall a little farther away each time I go. I honestly think the last time I hiked it I was still a teenager. I think I'll go sob now if it's all the same to you.

Just a side note to the Cascades. We noticed so many VT students there. Like, everyone we met aside from a little old couple or two were students. Does anyone remember the days of freedom - no real job, no real responsibility? No baking groups to post for? No real bills to pay? Just living life and hiking the local trails, excited that it's the weekend and there's nothing to do. For us, we had to MAKE the time to be together, thrilled to have a whole day just to be with each other and the Boy. For US, it was the best thing we could do. For them, there was nothing better to do.

College sucks.
After our hike, we had a nice little lunch in Downtown Blacksburg at a little Italian place called Ceritanos. We ate the buffet, because it was easier and knew we could more easily feed Seven that way. He LOVED it, and was such a little grown up. While the food was good, I know that if we had ordered off the menu it would have been better...but it was good. A nice lunch all and all.
After linch we headed to Riner to the Pumpkin Patch. Or, as it should be called, the Land Where People Forget How Much Pumpkins Really Cost Because Their Children Look So Cute In A Pumpkin Patch. I'll post more on it later - it was really, really nice. Stay tuned.