Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hanging with Daddy!

Last weekend while I was working the wedding, Jon took Seven to Cass Railroad with his Mom, Dad, Keeli, Josh & Brant. They took to 2 hour scenic ride up the mountain and Seven seems to have had a big time! They bought him a "ChooChoo" that he loves to make racket with (thanks, Nonno)...

I thought this little picture was cute of him walking in the mountains - he's a country boy, that's for sure! He loves getting dirty and having his knees bruised - but not to keen on having dirty hands. Not sure what that's about. He always wants to wash them.
Last but not least, here's a pic of my boys lounging on the couch. Sometimes, you can get the little guy to settle down on his own, he'll climb up beside you and just chill. But enjoy it while it lasts - he's up and gone in no time at all!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool Day

It took some waiting, but we finally had a nice enough day last week to take Seven and Nathan to the Country Club to swim. They seemed to have a big time...and I snapped this shot with my iPhone of them playing. Isn't it cute?

This week we have Clay, so hopefully the rain will let up enough tomorrow that I can take him out, too. We'll see!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Around the House


For several days now, Sev has been sick. He's definitely getting better, but it's not been fun. At. All.

Diapers needing changed more than 12 times in one day is too much for me. 2 nights in a row, he slept with me, which I love, but Jon doesn't enjoy the air mattress. He's finally sleeping all night again, not feverish, just a sore little butt that we are trying to get healed up. Wish us luck.

So, instead of days at the pool, we've been here, trapped in the house. I took advantage of some of that time and vacuumed one day. In the middle of that, I lost sight of him. You know our house - it's wide open downstairs. He had to be down here, the stairs were blocked. He wasn't in the laundry room. Nor behind the couch. But I could hear him...and here he was.

In the new butcher block stand. Crazy child.

Later that night we introduced him to Corn on the Cob. After eating one ear, he was ready for another. We both have to admit...he must get that from Poppy. We cut ours OFF the cob. He does look cute, though.

Lastly, I had to share this...a picture that I can't believe was in focus. I caught a quick shot of him as he napped in his room. Oh so sweet. And those lashes. God help me. He's gonna be a looker, just like his Dad.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

Oh, save the date! August 29th is our big party this year! Invites will go out sometime in July, but make your plans now! Same great Bluegrass band as last year & all the food you can eat!