Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Plain Rude.

So Check Out my SideBar. See that Wish List?? Merry Christmas to ME. I mean, US. As in Seven, Jon and ME. (Mostly me. How fun would a DS be with Brain Age?? I might actually get off the computer for once!)

Why not? I wish other people would tell US what THEY want for Christmas!

So here is part of what we think would be cool to have for Christmas this year. The Stroller and the Travel Bed are more like Must-Haves, but of course, we can get those for Seven if no one decides to get them for him. They will really be useful, though - much more practical than toys.

How about all of you scoot on over to Amazon and make a Wish List too? Or just email me what you would like to have? Anyone??

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Cards.

Make them yourself at Vista Print. On my Sidebar I put a link that will save you 50%. 50%!!

Even if you don't want to put a picture of yourself on one (why not??) you can personalize them however you want for a lot less than you could BUY the plain kind for.

30 of them for $18.49. It's only a couple of bucks more to upload your family photo (or any photo) and put it on one of the gozillion options they have. I made two different kinds last year. These are so professional looking. While the ones you get at Walmart are fine, you can get these for just a tiny bit more, they include ENVELOPES, hello? And they look like you spent a mint.

I really need to get on that for this year. You should too. It's the midle of November already!

Hey, once you're done, send me one, huh? Please?

Another Great Idea for Christmas,or Anytime.

I found these this morning. I think they are amazing. I know that Seven doesn't need toys (or really much of anything, to be frank) for Christmas, and maybe you other Moms feel the same way. I mean, do they really NEED all of this STUFF scattered around our houses? Seven likes playing in the oven drawer. In any drawer. In a box. So, why fork out $20 for a toy that needs $45 in batteries just so he can destroy it in about 4 minutes?
Well, for those of you who feel the same, look at these. They would be a great gift for either yourself, your kids, or your grandkids (hint, hint). I know having your kids in school is feeling a little, well, wierd, Jenn & Rikki - but maybe these could make it a LITTLE easier on you. The clothing labels are machine washable! The other lables for drink cups, lunch boxes, etc., are dishwasher safe. It's a cool way to keep track of the kids stuff. They even have washproof stickers that you can put their pictures on. ... Label the things you love !!

I think I will be getting some of these for Seven. I also think they would be great for kids like Brant, who go to daycare - Lord knows that those places can't really keep track of whose sippy cup is whose.

And yes, click through and these people will pay me. I'd promote it anyway, as I think they are pretty smart, don't you?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tell Me These Aren't Too Cool...

Oh Lord.

I was supposed to be working on making ads for my Amazon deal over on my DoughMessTic site, when I saw this link to I had no idea what they sold, but I clicked through.
Mis Take.
Big Mistake.

If you are a reader of this blog, then you are A - related to me, B - practically related to me, or C - you got here by accident. Either way, I think I know who you are. And that means I know you have a little one, or 2, or 1 on the way. (Or all of the above, Jenn)

So, I went shopping for you. How sad is that? So if you love these as much as me, please - CLICK THROUGH THIS LINK. Shop. Buy. I stand to make a couple of bucks if you do, and you KNOW how bad I need it. Plus, they offer 100% Price Guarantee, so no need to price check anywhere else - and hello?? Free OVERNIGHT SHIPPING?? Who does that?

Okay, here's what I found...

I want Seven to have these. Maybe for Christmas. They look so easy with the Velcro, and since we are going to Italy in January, they'd be great to have. God, I hope he'll WALK by THEN!!

These Pumas are super cute. Sev had a pair last year. Mommies with tiny babies - these look cool. Jenn & Nicole - new babies, HIP babies. You all should get these. Or maybe those Geox. I love the look of them both.

How cool are these?? Seriously. I love them as much as the Geox. They come in 4 colors. I can see William in these. And Seven. And Brant. (Can you see how broke I am going here? Must. Stop. Now.)

I saw these and thought of Lainy. They have pretty much every Robeez shoe out there...Julie, Dayna, I know you can find some super cute slip ons for Rain and Lydia. I was kind of overwhelmed with all of the cute girly shoes!

Rikki - I thought of Rae & Ryane when I saw these. Too cute. And they are on a huge sale... Dayna, maybe Claire would like them? If not, there are a ton of other great girl shoes there.

Jenn - I thought your boys would like these cool shoes. I know Nick has Teva's and the boys might think it's fun to have shoes like Dad, and these are nice because they don't have laces to worry about.

Enough already. Maybe that will give you some Christmas ideas or something. I was seriously impressed with the HUGE selection of kids/infant shoes. Yes, some are a little pricy, I'll admit. But maybe you are looking for that ONE GOOD PAIR. Also, they do have adult shoes too, and handbags, etc. It says if you spend $125, you instantly save $25. So that's a pretty good deal!

At least go take a look. I may not be able to buy them for you for Christmas, but at least I shopped for you a little!

(Ahem, if there is a grandparent reading this and wants to know a certain boys shoe size, let me know. I can arrange that. It would be 5. In January, he'll be wearing a FIVE. Just in case. :))

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No, I Can't Walk.

No, really, I can't.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween as a Frog

Big Fun.

We both took Seven around Trick or Treating after he had a few pictures made here at the house. Then we ran into Rikki and the girls (or was it scarecrow and monkey?) and had more pics made, then more candy hunting, then over to Rikki's for more pictures and seeing Lainy the Moo Cow. Lots of fun was had by all!