Monday, July 28, 2008

Who's A Big Boy Now??

Tonight Seven got his first haircut. Yes, I KNOW he is not yet a year old. Bad luck, schmad luck. He needed it cut, and that's that. He's much blonder now. Sorry for the blurry photos, but nighttime and Seven don't make for clear pictures.

To make up for it, here are a few that I took over the weekend while we were playing together in the back yard. Am I allowed to say he's cute? Well, he is. Even if he IS mine.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Poor Little Neglected Blog.

That's right, you've landed on the blog who recently sees so little of me. It seems I spend so much time over at DoughMessTic (hey, people actually READ it. I have GROUPIES. I'm SPECIAL there, just ASK me.) :0)

So, Jon has prompted me to post a few tidbits of our life outside my kitchen (which is, by the way, freshly painted, no permanent damage done (I hope.) )

Where to start?

Saturday we took a Field Trip that involved lots of riding around and a picnic at the river. I blogged about it on DoughMessTic, but not here. So here are a few extra little pics for you that didn't make it in that post.

Sunday we went to the pool for a dip. Mr. Seven was a ham, as per usual. He really loves the pool and seems to enjoy the slide, too - you should see his little face when he leaves the edge!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yep. That's me. I've only taken a couple of pics of Seven in the last few much going on.

The drywall guy came everyday this week.

I worked at the store.

I baked for the Cafe.

I cleaned the house. A lot.

I mowed. It's a big yard, too.

Jon's parents came in on Thursday for a long weekend of golfing.

But everyone else is busy, too, I guess. No excuse.

However, here are a couple of pictures taken last night at the Country Club Member/Guest Social and Dance. I'm sure everyone knows everyone here, but appease me.

It's Rikki and Doug, Me and Jon, and Leslie and Eric.

Nicole came by unexpectedly and sat with us for a while. She looks great, by the way, though I have no photos of that. Just take my word for it.

We all had a really good time...dancing even. Got home at 1:30 and really felt our ages.

By the way, yes, I am 28. Don't I look great?

(That was meant to be funny. Keep up, people.)

Possibly interesting news coming up next week. No, NOT pregnant...Get Real. Stay tuned...and pictures of Seven in the very near future. Promise.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hope You Had a Happy 4th!

We did. Here are just a couple of pictures from yesterdays cookout. Lisa, here's a pretty good shot of your Dad. Just thought I would share.