Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Sunday Trip to Mountain Lake

Today we drove up the mountain and had a great Sunday Brunch at the hotel. Although the water level is way, way down, the weather was nice and crisp and the food was excellent. They sat us at a great table on the enclosed porch, which was nice. Seven luckily slept through most of lunch and let us eat without fussing. The brunch was much more elaborate than the days when I used to work there, and now I am kind of bummed we haven't gone more often. We are thinking that we should go back up the weekend of Jon's birthday with all of the friends and really enjoy the place.

After brunch we stopped by Rikki's and she took our first family thanks Rik.


Nikki said...


It is so great to hear from you. Your baby is beautiful and you look great. Unfortunately I still have not had the baby yet. I am due tomorrow but if he follows in his sister's and brother's foot steps then he will be a late arrival too. I'm glad to hear you and your family are doing well and enjoying all the pleasures of your new little guy.

Take care,