Monday, January 7, 2008

The holidays are over...

and now we are all here at home, trying to recover. My motivation has all but died, and if Seven weren't here I doubt i would even get out of bed sometimes. But oh well. Life goes on.

Seven's Mommaw and Poppy got him the cutest TV ever for his room. I snagged a picture of him today laying in his Boppy watching cartoons. Cute, huh?

As many of you know, we took Sev to Massanutten for New Years. We had planned to take him to the Waterpark there, but instead we just jumped in the oversized jacuzzi with him in our room. He really seemed to enjoy it, so next time maybe we WILL actually take him to the pool. That is, of course, if i remember not only my bathing suit top but the bottom as well. Don't worry, I am clothed in the won't see anything you don't wanna see!

I SO wish we were taking him to Jamaica later this month, but I am also looking forward to a little uninterrupted sleep. 7 nights may be about 6 too many. We'll just have to wait and see.

Lastly, after a long day here at the house today, Jon somehow comes home and right off the bat teaches little man to stick out his tongue. As soon as I can catch a video of it, I'll let you know! (Why couldn't he learn something USEFUL that fast? Like, say algebra?)