Thursday, May 1, 2008

So you wanna see the boy?

Okay, I know my past few blogs have been about my baking, and no pix of the little guy. Well, here you go. Today while I baked the BEST batch of cookies (well, best TWO batches) I have ever baked, Seven kept himself occupied with the dogs...and playing in his favorite place - under the coffee table. He gets a big kick out of crawling around under there for some reason.

After the cookies were out of the oven (did I mention best ever?) I took him for a walk in his stroller. We walked down to the store, over to Rite Aid, over to the Bank, and back up the (pant, pant) hill. Whew. I guess we could have kept going, but I am not feeling the greatest, so, here we are, back at home. One of us is sleeping, and the other is typing away, wishing she was napping, too.

Anyone got a suggestion for my next baking endeavor? I'm game...