Monday, July 21, 2008

A Poor Little Neglected Blog.

That's right, you've landed on the blog who recently sees so little of me. It seems I spend so much time over at DoughMessTic (hey, people actually READ it. I have GROUPIES. I'm SPECIAL there, just ASK me.) :0)

So, Jon has prompted me to post a few tidbits of our life outside my kitchen (which is, by the way, freshly painted, no permanent damage done (I hope.) )

Where to start?

Saturday we took a Field Trip that involved lots of riding around and a picnic at the river. I blogged about it on DoughMessTic, but not here. So here are a few extra little pics for you that didn't make it in that post.

Sunday we went to the pool for a dip. Mr. Seven was a ham, as per usual. He really loves the pool and seems to enjoy the slide, too - you should see his little face when he leaves the edge!