Friday, September 5, 2008

You Talkin' to ME?

Seriously, it's plastic.

He's been playing with it at Mommaw & Poppy's along with a toy pistol. Perhaps he is in training to be a gangster...just so long as he get's the ginormous bathtub like Al Pacino, well, okay then. He's my son and I need to support him in his decisions, right?

In case you didn't see it, I posted a video of him being all genius-like on my DoughMessTic site. But the genius doesn't stop there. He is now intrigued by the stacking rings - the kind we all played with as babies, except now they make entirely too much noise. What's WITH that? What happened to cars that require YOU to make the engine noise, or stick horses that don't neigh? Must everything make a bunch of racket? Just an observation...but I think maybe we are requiring less and less of an imagination out of our children these days. As soon as he's big enough, Sev's getting a big cardboard box and some crayons to turn it into whatever he noise, no batteries...and I hope that he will love it.