Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hostage Crisis in the Hundred Acre Wood

Today was so nice out, so after lunch at Moms,we took Seven for a stroll around the neighborhood in his wagon. (A big Yay to Jon for finding the wagon over a hill, abandoned, and FREE. Best deal ever.) He loves it, and sits up like a little man and just takes it all in. Along for the ride were Winnie the Pooh (Sev evens calls him Pooh, which I think is too sweet) and of course, his knife. Can't leave home without the knife, you know, 'cause you never know when you might have to teach somebody a lesson. Lots of gangstas in Pearisburg these it's good to be protected.

Poor Pooh didn't know what hit him. One minute, all is well and he's being cooed upon and hugged and licked. The next - Bam - we have a hostage situation. This picture says it all, I think... "Keep this wagon moving or the bear gets it."

Yeah...We kept moving.