Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So We Are Opinionated

Some of you may not know that one of Seven's favorite shows is Wheel of Fortune. He likes to sit in his highchair and watch it, yelling letters at Pat & Vanna. His favorites are C and G, sometimes O, but he covers most of them. Lately we have been watching Dancing With the Stars - because he likes the music and the dancing. Well, last night, this is what happened. Jon was upstairs taking a shower, and I really couldn't believe what was happening, so I tried to capture it for him, just in case he wouldn't believe me when I told him. Just as I was getting ready to catch it on film, he came down the stairs. Bummer.
But hey - we got it anyway!! Check this out - and sorry for the poor quality, but it isn't easy to hide a camera from a toddler and film in the dark. I think you'll get the depth of my bemusement.