Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter with the Family...

Seven did really well today considering the long drive to Harrisonburg to be with Jon's family...he slept all the way there, ate like a like a little piggy, played with his cousins, got kissed alot, and then got super tired and decided being cranky was the best available option. So, all in all a good day. We also celebrated Jon's Nonna's birthday, so I have included a picture of her for the sweet memory. She cried when everyone sang Happy Birthday, and again when we sang it in Italian. There is also a pic of Jon with his Mom and Sev, as well as a nice shot of him playing in the floor while the rest of the clan hunted for Easter eggs and set the poor chicken free. (long story, that one)

Thanks so much to Keeli and Brant for bringing us soooo many cute clothes for the summer, and especially for the bouncer. Seven will hop 'til he drops in that thing! He's already climbed in it for a test drive!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter and can resist the chocolate a heck of a lot better than I can. Good luck with that willpower thing.