Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Favorite Men...

I caught a couple of sweet shots of my two boys when they were playing tonight...perhaps tomorrow will hold a trip somewhere for Seven and I, maybe to Christiansburg, maybe to meet Daddy for dinner - or maybe we'll just stay home again and play.

Saturday Daddy is in charge of the boy and the house while I am working - I think they will have a fun time hanging out together!

Sunday we'll be taking a trip to visit family in Harrisonburg for Easter - I'll be sure to post a few pics of Seven in his Easter attire. I am also looking forward to Monday and my big date with Jon...we are going to meet for dinner and then head to the NIT tournament at VT. Sev will be having a sleepover at Mommaw and Poppy's, giving the two of us a full night of sleep!