Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Week Goes By...

Seven has been especially good for me this week...and thank goodness! On Tuesday I worked half a day at the store, so I dreaded Wednesday at home because I really needed to get some things done and I was afraid the little man may not cooperate. But get this - an angel all day. I was able to vacuum, do a couple loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, make all the beds, straighten the house in general, do some travel work, make a HUGE batch of homemade Neiman Marcus cookies, and even made a fantasticly good strawberry kiwi sorbet in my Cuisinart Icecream Maker (that I forgot I had hidden in one of my cabinets). SO, all of this along with feeding, changing, playing and napping with Seven. Good Lord did I feel domestic - Ieven wore an apron of all things. We also went to the bank and the grocery store that day, which means HUGE day for us. I even impressed myself with my productiveness that day. Thursday was also a big day for us...we joined Rikki and Leslie at the park with their girls until Sev got a little naptime cranky...he got his first feel of grass and a first taste of PB & J as well while we were there...which he of course loved. Later that evening we joined everyone for a cookout at Leslie and Erics, where he was really good and entertained himself for the most part. (Eric - you did a fabulous job on the grill...and the salad was still great despite the lack of communication in the dressing department.) For our contribution to the party I whipped up another batch of sorbet - only this time I used some strawberries I had in the freezer along with a banana and an apple. Much lighter in flavor but still really good!

Friday I again worked half a day, then we had a big family dinner at Poppaw and Mommaws across the street. So Good! Even Seven got in on the action and ate only table food that night for dinner. Biggest news about Friday is that someone started "creeping"! Not just rolling around anymore, he puts that head down and forces himself forward by any means possible. So cute to watch - for now - but this time next week I'm afraid my easy going days are over, as he's gonna be all over the place...and in a hurry.

Today was good - Jon and I mowed and took care of the yard, then Seven and I went over to Auntie Mommaw and Uncle Poppaws (Sylvia and Tommy's) to visit with our newest cousin Emma Claire Sizemore. She belongs to my cousin Becky, and is just turning a month old - and so tiny! Only about 8 pounds, so you hardly even notice she's in your arms. I really can't remember Sev being so seems he's always been a big boy!

Well, here are some pics - one is of a wild haired man in the park, one is of Cousin Emma, and the other two are a sleeping baby who konked out while being held by Auntie Mommaw. I thought this was too sweet not to post. And for fun, here is a look at the creep in progress...stay tuned for the crawl! (which I feel sure will be here way too soon....)


Catherine Ballard said...

Sev's Creeping is TOO CUTE!!! Jason and I were cracking up!