Monday, April 28, 2008

What have I become??

Jon actually used the term "Susie Homemaker" to describe me. The world as we know it must be coming to an end. Today I made another batch of from scratch chocolate chip cookies in my pursuit of creating the perfect cookie recipe (these were gooooood!) as well as a batch of lemon cookies. These I am not too keen on. Too flour-y or something, but I followed a recipe so I don't feel too bad about these not being super great. Of course, they are still good enough to eat and make my household fat fat fat, but I don't think another batch will be in our future.

Jon got to stay home with us today because of the rain, so he was busy part of the day steamcleaning the rug here in the living room. Sev likes to throw up on it from time to time, so it was pretty stinky. Smells good now, though!

I just want to tell you about the cutest thing. I had purchased some time ago a DVD for Seven that came with an "interactive" dog. I could never get the stupid dog to interact. Until tonight. Before, I thought the video was just it is tooo cute. The little dog knows where you are in the vieo and sings along, or throws in his two cents whenever he can. Seven thinks he is the bees knees, so that's a big plus. For those who may want this little video/animal set, I believe it is called Video MagiQ. I found it at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, and it was only $24.99. Well worth it, and cuter than Baby Einstein, in my opinion. More interactive...not so themed. All in all a cute idea.

Last night we had the friends up for a little grilltime to celebrate Rikki and Doug's anniversary. Lots of good food and fun. Poor little Ryane had a time with her allergies and sniffed and slept the biggest part of the time, but that didn't keep Rae from having a good time...little Lainy refused to nap, which irked her Mommy a little bit, but all in all I think everyone had a good time.

Tomorrow Seven and I work half a day, so at least that will keep us out of the kitchen and away from the oven. Here's a look at about half of the cookies in our kitchen...and a look at Seven enjoying his new toy castle.