Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh really? That's great.

Today has sucked. Well, mostly. But life is like that sometimes. Why did it suck Susan? you ask? Well, upon return from picking Seven up from Moms, I noticed that there are wet spot on our kitchen ceiling. Shizzzzat. The drainpipe is leaking and now we are going to have to cut into the ceiling, find out the problem, and fix it. Shizzat. Jon is out of town. Double shiz.

Next reason? The cake i was making for Peggy's birthday sunk. Sunk Sunk. And the icing was a little clumpy. And, while I was making it Seven learned to do a if I didn't have a list of hazards four miles long in the house anyway, now he is climbing the stairs. I caught him when he was on the FOURTH st. Fourth.. Here he is, doing it least he's at the bottom....

Now my head is throbbing, he kitchen is still a freaking mess, I want to go to bed but there is too much to do, and I can't even use my own bathroom upstairs.

Enough whining. Here are a couple of pics from tonight for you. At least THAT was nice.

Miss you, Kit.


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