Saturday, June 21, 2008

Too Much Fun for One Day!

No kidding. We have packed it in today, that's for sure. Jon left early to go play golf, so when he left, so did go to the Festival in the Park. It was nice this year, I thought, though the same ol', same 'ol. I bought a couple of things - an apron, for one, and a Hokie basket...and a loaf of sourdough. Whew - big spender. We met up with Leslie and Julie and their girls Lainy and Rain after we had our picture taken with the pony. I took this picture of Seven making a mean face so that you can see the teeth that are thinking about sprouting!

After the festival, we came home for a nap. Then we took some goodies up to Alma and Dave's new house, got the tour, and then followed that with a trip to the pool!

Sev and Jon played quite a while in the grown up pool - no one else was there at all - and Seven got to "slide" off the sliding board (which he loved) and swim, and, for the first time EVER - he went under and we have it here for you to witness. Thank God he likes the water...we were poised and ready for a fit....

So, that was OUR was yours?


harskins said...

Ok that video made me cty and miss you all very much. very cute and the cutest thing I have seen so far.