Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Plain Rude.

So Check Out my SideBar. See that Wish List?? Merry Christmas to ME. I mean, US. As in Seven, Jon and ME. (Mostly me. How fun would a DS be with Brain Age?? I might actually get off the computer for once!)

Why not? I wish other people would tell US what THEY want for Christmas!

So here is part of what we think would be cool to have for Christmas this year. The Stroller and the Travel Bed are more like Must-Haves, but of course, we can get those for Seven if no one decides to get them for him. They will really be useful, though - much more practical than toys.

How about all of you scoot on over to Amazon and make a Wish List too? Or just email me what you would like to have? Anyone??