Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Day, Another Sick Day

I would very much like to say I am getting better, but wellnotsomuch. I did feel well enough to go out to eat with Jon & Sev tonight at the Bora Bora, our favorite Venetian restaurant. I almost had a piece of pizza. We'll see how that sits. We had to go, though, as we hadn't eaten a single meal out since we have been here. Sad, huh? Sure, it saves tons of money...but kind of misses the point of all the great italian food. It has just been easier to feed Seven at the apartment, as well as the bad weather being an issue, and of course, me not wanting to eat. But oh well. It is what it is. Oh- speaking of eating- he is getting a mouthful of teeth! He has actually turned into some kind of vampire from what I can gather. Perhaps it was all the time I spent reading the Twilight saga. All I know is that throughout the day and especially at night, he will look at me, hiss a little, and then come at me with that mouth. Wrists, fingers, face - even my foot...all victims of his biting. We're gonna have to put an end to that phase pretty quick.

Jon took Seven to the boardwalk yesterday where surprisingly, they are having a carnival of some sort. Sev got to ride the slides at the park, which he seemed to enjoy even though it was a little chilly.

We are trying to leave here on Monday morning and head to Rome, the land of free internet, a satellite tv, and hopefully, a bed not held up by extra blankets under the mattress. Wish us luck with that train thing, the Italians are striking.


Catherine Ballard said...

What is on Sev's Head?!?!?! Ha! But looks like Sev and Jon are atleast having fun! Feel Better Sus!!

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Susan hope you are feeling better! We wish we were with you guys in Italy! Give seven our love, and say hello to Jon and the family. Love Kevin and Jill