Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Worries, We Are Here

Sorry for the delay in updating you. We just found the internet point...we ended up sleeping all night last night- then all day today! Even Seven went back to bed with me after breakfast (Jon just stayed in bed through breakfast) and we slept until after 3!
Today is chilly and drizzly, making it not too much fun to be out and about, and right now, Sev is out there with Jon trying to muster up some take-out to take back to the apartment. We will see how that goes.
Tomorrow we will get our new phone number, and will try to call the parents. Just know that we are okay and having as much fun as possible in a closed up apartment with no microwave and only one scratchy TV station that plays Italian and English MTV.
Thank God for portable computers and DVD players! (Thanks, Jenn)

Until next time, Ciao!