Sunday, November 18, 2007

A day of family portraits...

Today we had our friend/photographer Nikki come to Mom and Dad's house to take some pictures of us for the holidays. Seven wasn't much of a happy camper - he fell asleep on the 1/4 mile trip over, and waking up wasn't what he had in mind. But we got a couple of nice shots, I think. We had a group photo done for Mom and Dad of all of us - the folks, Jenn, Nick and the boys, and us. The dog kept distracting the boys, so not too many shots to choose from, but we'll work it out. Here are a couple of the pics we ended up with - one might wind up on our Christmas card this year...maybe.

Big plans for the week - Thursday is Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's new house, which will be nice but a bit strange after being at the old house for so long. Then Black Friday, and I have to at least go to Walmart to see what I can get. Saturday Jon has some old old friends stopping by, and of course, VT plays UVA, so, that will be a crazy day. Finally, on Sunday we take Seven farther than he's even been - Harrisonburg - for Thanksgiving up there with Jon's family. Most of them haven't met Seven yet, not even Keeli and Josh - his aunt and uncle - so that should be fun as long as he stays sweet. Just gotta keep him fed and he should be alright. Last time I did a post he was sleeping about 8 hours a night, but we have weened him off of his late night feeding, so instead of going to bed at 11 or so, we have him bathed and in bed by 9, and he still sleeps until 7ish. Very nice. His new formula is part of the help, I think. Enfamil AR with Rice already built in instead of us mixing it in. More expensive but he's doing so well! And, thanks to Brittani and Wes who went to Target last night, he's loaded up with quite a bit of it, as well as lots of size 2 diapers. So thanks guys! (Brit saved me a fortune by confusing the cashier so bad that he let her use entirely too many coupons. Not on purpose, of course, Brit's not like that!)

Oh, last week we applied for Seven's passport...I can not wait to get it! Check out this little passport pic!

Hope you all like the pics!