Saturday, November 3, 2007

What we do while Daddy is away...

Seven and I have been alone since Thursday morning, when Jon left for Atlanta to watch the Hokies play on Thursday nite. Because hes staying until Sunday, that leaves us alone for 4 days. What to do while your husband is away, enjoying "guy time" at the Hokie game and then the Bulldog game on Saturday (with sideline passes, no less)?? Put your kid in a swing and then video him talking to you. Or talking to the little blue bird that spins above the swing is more like it, but it feels better to think its me he is talking to.

I have also managed to keep "little bit" on a good sleep schedule...last night he made it from 1130 to 745. So that's really good. He did about the same the night before too, so maybe we are getting on the right track. Every night feels like a little game to me. I guess maybe I am stifled for entertainment, but I think its kinda fun. I managed to clean out all 3 of my closets, too, and even carted a huge pile of clothes to Goodwill today. I need to get all of Rikki's maternity clothes back over to her house and out of mine before I decide its okay to keep wearing them and forget about getting back into all of my own regular clothes. Good grief jeans don't fit the same after a baby, people. It doesn't matter if you lose the baby weight or not - which I did, thank you very much, and in only 2 weeks - they just DO NOT fit the same.

Well, enough of all that. Here is the video I took of Seven chatting with me, and also a picture of him and Aunt Brit on Halloween. Hope they make you smile!