Monday, November 12, 2007

Seven and I hang out on a boring Monday..

Today while Jon was working Seven and I just kinda did our own thing - baked some cookies but managed to forget about them until they burned, cleaned out the garage, visited rikki for a few minutes, and watched alot(a lot lot) of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader tryouts. I finally got tired of holding him up, so I decided to try putting him in his BebePod. Didn't think that would actually work, but he loved it. He looks like such a little man sitting there by himself. He loved watching the cheerleaders, hopefully because they were so happy and not because of the big boobs (or worse yet, because HE wants to be a cheerleader) But he watched and watched and refused to take a nap.

We are doing great at night now, and with very few exceptions he is making it through the night for at least 8 hours. Then he'll eat and then konk out for another 2 to 3 hours. So he is making it pretty easy on me. Such a fun little guy. Awhile ago he kept yelling from his crib at Jon and I (not crying, mind you, it was as if he was just yelling to get our attention) so finally after about 10 minutes of the yelling, we both go in to see what he wants - and he just starts smiling and laughing at us. What suckers he has made us, and boy does he know it. I wouldn't trade that little brat for the world. :)