Friday, January 26, 2007

Cairo, Egypt...Using Your Imagination

Still no picture posting opportunites. But yesterday was Cairo. AT the buttcrack of dawn. We took a 3 hour busride from Alexandria along what they call the Desert Road (for good reason) and ended up stopping first at the pyramids of Giza. They are huge. Bigger than I had imagined. And nearly IN the city. Our guide happened to be a professor of Egyptology at the University of Alexandria, so she was pretty up on the subject. SO next is the Sphinx, which was smaller than I thought. Probably because I had imagined the pyramids being smaller, I don't know. After that, we went to the Saqqara Country Club, about half an hour away and went 4-wheeling in the sand dunes of the Sahara. Bumpy Good Times. Jon really enjoyed that, but of course, it made me have to pee. Then the jeeps dropped us off into a convoy of camels. Jon's camel was named Ali Baba, and that monster was in a foul mood. I thought he might eat Jon's face off. But he didn't. For the next half an hour we ride these humpy creatures through the desert led by swamis or whatever you call them until we reach the country club again. There they fed us the strangest lunch...but that's to be expected in Egypt I guess. From there we visited the tomb of a nobleman that was in really good condition, and then saw the nearby Step Pyramid of King Zoser, the first pyramid constructed.
At this point, we head back to Cairo, where we visit a papyrus making institute...and of course end up buying some papyrus art. Tourist trap, but then again, we're tourists. Finally we boarded the bus back to Alexandria, and made it in plenty of time to be harrassed by the vendors surrounding the port.
Today sucked. Another day at sea and I am again seasick, stayed in bed until dinner, even, although Jon swears the ship isn't rocking that bad. He's full of it. When we went up to the pool bar so I could get a juice, the water was sloshing out of the pool all over the place. Everyone in our group is now in the Chocolate Bar drinking champagne, but I am passing and spending a fortune on the net instead. Tomorrow is another full day at sea, and unless the ship slows down or we sink, I feel another full day of bedrest in my future. I will post more in Rome, where I do have Wifi...or at least that's what I am told. (Just a side note...while I am sitting here there are some young foreign girls outside the disco trying to sing "Dontcha Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me" English, or at least that's what I imagine the lanuage to be. It's hard to tell for sure...)