Thursday, January 18, 2007

We're Here...for now

Whew...sorry about the delay, folks. The technology promised on this cruise isn't as promised. There is no WiFi, which means no pix for now as I can't use my own computer. However, we did make it. Today we are in Savona, which really isn't anything to brag about. What we CAN brag about is that on the flight over, my cousin Audrey bumped us into the front row of the place into First Class, and our seats made into a complete bed. That was fantastic. Jon slept alot, but I mostly watch movies.
The Costa Concordia is a nice ship, though run a little differently than the american counterparts. Only one TV channel in english - the BBC News. Yuck. But oh well. The food is good so far and the ice cream is awfully tasty.
We set sail again tonight before dinner and spend tomorrow at sea before arriving in Olympia the following morning.
Also, in terms of failed technology, our cell phone died. So we have a new number. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that number is without the slip of paper they gave me that happens to be 4 floors up in our room. Our room is pretty cool, by the way. Nice big wraparound deck. Other than that, it's a typical cabin.
I think I'll go nap now. Maybe more tomorrow? We'll see....