Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Itinerary, Flight, Cruise, and Beyond

Lots of people are wanting to know where we will be in advance...myabe so they can worry, or maybe so they can journey along with us as they stay home and work. Either way, here is the official itinerary for all of those concerned:

January 16 - Flight from Roanoke to Philly to Rome, departing 1pm, US Air Flights
January 17 - Arrive in Rome at 825am, a car then takes us to the Civitavecchia pier
Costa Concordia sets sail at 5pm
January 18 - Savona, Italy
January 19 - At Sea
January 20 - Katakolon, Greece
January 21 - Athens, Greece (trekking to the Parthenon and the Plaka for shopping)
January 22 - Rhodes, Greece
January 23 - Limassol, Cyprus
January 24 - Izmir, Turkey (a tour of ancient Ephesus)
January 25 - Cairo, Egypt (tour of pyramids, jeep excursion & camel riding!)
January 26 - At Sea
January 27 - At Sea
January 28 - Arrive Civitavecchia 8am, travel to Rome, Check in at Hotel Diana
January 29 - Rome
January 30 - Rome
January 31 - Us Air flights home at 1125am, th Philly, back in Roanoke 10pm

You can call us anytime, for only 55 cents per minute from your home (not cell) All you have to do is dial 10-10-321-011-39 and then our number, which is 340-943-5412. We get free incoming calls, so call anytime! The phone will be working as of around 3pm EST on January 17th, Keep in mind the time difference...we will be between 6 and 7 hours ahead of you. I think you can also text message us, but remember, you will pay an international rate for that, (at least I think so) so be careful!

I hope to post a day by day for you, but don't be upset if I skip a day...I'm on vacation after all...