Saturday, January 20, 2007

If the Ship's a Rockin'...Don't Come a Knockin'

Ugghhh. Yesterday, Friday, was an at sea day. It all started about dinner time on Thursday night. Our Captain, whom Jon has affectionately names "Captain Morgan" had the hammer down in severe seas. My Diet Coke nearly slid off the table at one point. People were getting up from their tables to go throw up. It was disgusting. But, seeing as how we had only about 36 hours to get to the next port, it really wan't his fault - he HAD to go top speed. So, I went to bed at about 11 on Thursday, and got out of bed on Friday in time for our 9pm dinner. Then I went back to bed. Can you believe I haven't been to the Casino yet? Can you believe none of us has ordered extra food?
Well, on a better we stopped in Katakolon, Greece, where we hired a taxi to take us to Ancient Olympia, site of the first Olympic games. It was intersting...mostly just ruins, kind of like Pompeii but not nearly as preserved. Seemed more like a big park with a bunch of fallen down columns and such. After we left there, we went shopping a bit in Katakolon. It was a cute little seaside town, but no place anyone would come to vacation in my opinion. Sorry I can't post pics yet. but when I get a free connection again, I will upload some on here. Hopefully tomorrow, but you never know. We port in Athens, Greece around 8am.
Love you all!