Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, I know I've been slacking, and now I have to blog about Cyprus and Cairo on the same day. But it's been busy around here...and still no free internet.

So we docked in Cyprus on Wednesday. We found a taxi driver who agreed to take us around for 25 euros each, which was a steal, considering the excursion to the same places we ended up going would have cost us 79 euros each. So, we leave the port and about 30 minuted later we are in this hilltop town called Omodous. Picturesque, with a quaint little monastary. Not a lot to write home about. Then he took us higher in the mountians to Platras, but we stopped on the way at a vineyard for a little winetasting. Kevin bought a couple of bottles, but to me it tasted like ass and I would just as soon drink the blackberry wine my insane neighbor made. But that's just me. So anyway, Platras. It looked like a rich community in Vail. What do people do there? Beats me. Yawn. Apparantly the richies go up there in the summer to escape the heat. Then, we drive on to this park of sorts, kind of like to the Cascades...and hit a trail called the Kaeldonia Trail. He wanted us to hike in the a creek, for God's sake, and it was...well, tiring and the creek at our house after the rain is about as thrilling. Well, maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but I could have done without that little piece of nature. So - we are late returning to the ship because we hiked all that damned time. and just as we ran up to the ship they were pulling the gangplanks. Seriously, if I had been stuck in Cyprus I would have killed that guy. Guess what? No pictures.